AL Hayah TV Channels Network

Target Audience: *Pan Arab Families. *approaches the Arab adults ages 26+. It appeals to the family with its social and political talk shows, programs, & religious shows that air on daily basis. *It appeals to the women with specialized programming & other variety programs, especially the religious in nature & the Arabic Drama. *It appeals to men when it features studio al hayah, one of the top football shows as judged by ratings.

Alhayah TV Network is an Egyptian media entity a part of Sigma Group Company started 28th of February 2008. The Network adopted the idea of upgrading and maintaining the standards of Arab media viewer by providing the best quality, ideas, hosts and management .

Alhayah TV Network is the first Television Network targeting the Egyptian and Arab viewers all over the world despite their orientation , categories with a variety of the exclusive programs, series and movies that helped us to be No. 1 Network Television in Egypt since 2009.....

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