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News Portal is an Arabic online portal is the electronic gate for the daily newspaper Youm7. Youm7 is the leading news network in Egypt and the MENA region when it comes to speed, reliability and exclusivity about the news

It is an all-inclusive portal with varying content that caters to many users’ needs and interests in many categories such as (Flash News, Sports, Video, Women, Education)

In addition to its different sections, youm7 has several services to its users like (Video 7, Cairo Dar, Cairo kora, Cairo Post) these different portals was started as different sections in the main website for Youm7, after the huge leap of traffic in the Youm7, each of them has several a separate website for it.

Youm7 strives to be the pioneer and hub for the most updated features, reports, and interviews – the portal also focuses on current affairs, entertainment to immediate news alerts.

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